Cover of ‘Charlie Hebdo,’ French Satirical Newspaper

Richard Friswell
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IN MEMORIAM: For the innocent victims of the recent Paris attack on the satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo. And, in support of all who make art, editorial content and literature as political and cultural commentary, we run the cover of their magazine, appearing just a week after twelve cartoonists and five others were gunned down by extremists in places where they worked, lived and shopped. Now, in the name of free expression, we are all ‘Charlie!’

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Recently, in another part of the world, artists and activists gathered in a public square in Havana, Cuba. They assembled on the day President Obama announced new U.S. political and cultural relations with the Castro regime. In spite of the spirit of openness that supposedly accompanied this diplomatic initiative, several artists at that celebratory event were detained, questioned and held for two days by police . One such detainee was Tania Bruguera, whose work was reviewed by ARTES Magazine in 2010. Read more about her political art here:



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