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Richard Friswell
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Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, ARTES Magazine- An on-line magazine of fine arts, architecture and design

This is the premier issue of A R T E S, an e-magazine that will deliver news and information of interest to those that live with, work on behalf of and love the world of fine art and design.  Publishing a ‘virtual journal’ is an oxymoron (like plastic silverware or jumbo shrimp!), since publishing usually means the application of ink to paper after weeks or months of diligent and careful planning– and at great expense.

Without relinquishing the diligence and care in preparing this missive each month, we at A R T E S  are striving to achieve a number of important goals: work economically, save time and our precious natural resources while continuing to inform you of the latest and most important events and developments in the arena of art, design and creative thought; as well as introduce the products and services that best support the luxury-lifestyle of our readers, their clients and a significant segment of the world that appears to have a never-ending curiosity about such things.

But therein lies the difference…

The unique feature of this monthly e-magazine is that it will contain regular updates between issues in the form of a weekly (or even twice-weekly) newsletter.  Additionally, we are inviting content from our readers! Articles in each issue and the intervening newsletters may be conceived, written and/or produced by the professional community to which it is directed.  As editor, I will review submissions and make selections to soon thereafter can appear on the ‘pages’ of A R T E S . My goal is to hold to the mission and look of the magazine. Not every story can run and the criteria for selection will adhere to the stated purpose of the project; i.e- to bring news and information about art, design, creative thought and examples of luxury lifestyle to an expanding (and hopefully) national or international readership.

A new Web site has been created  Go to the Web site regularly to view new content and updates.  Past issues will be archived by topic and exclusive products will be featured there.  Links will be included, as well as spin-off material that will enrich the reading experience and become a resource for the future.

So, PLEASE, post your ideas and materials to and let me know what you need A R T E S  to be for you.  My goal is to have this dynamic journal reflects the emerging needs and interests of our readership.

Thank you,

Richard J. Friswell

Richard J. Friswell, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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