June 2, 2012

Richard Friswell
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 “All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” ~Federico Fellini


Left: Henri Matisse, Self-Portrait (1906), o/c. Statens Museum for Kunst, National Gallery of Denmark.

Global Reach!


ARTES broadcasting around the world

 ARTES fine arts magazine (pronounced: ar-TESS) continues to reach a wider international audience and attract a cadre of writers working in the art world. The unique format of this on-line magazine was created nearly three years ago in the belief that there was a need for a digital forum for a range of articles—from short reviews of  current gallery exhibitions to a scholarly treatment of a particular facet of an artist’s work or period in art history. As a result, academicians and curators, critics and art historians have discovered ARTES to be an ideal venue for sharing their perspective with a readership of nearly 50,000 unique visitors each month eager to deal, in depth, with the subject matter of fine art, architecture and design,. This mixed-review, Internet-based version of editorial coverage continues to separate ARTES from the pack. Dozens of sites offer local art event coverage, many cover auction results, art politics and personal changes at museums and galleries. Still more use Web sites to promote sales of their own magazine subscriptions and auction offerings. ARTES remains focused on the passion and intrigue of ‘art for art’s sake’ and continue to believe that there is a growing audience for our unswerving editorial objectives.


Miss Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth (1889)

Starting in the month of June, ARTES will be expanding its coverage to include theater reviews. Our focus will be limited at first, as a principle contributor to the ‘pages’ of our fine arts section, Ed Rubin, is also a well-known theater critic. He lives in New York City, but travels the world as one of our contributing editors. I am also convinced that those readers with a love of art are more likely to frequent a theatrical performance than many other interest groups. We will be starting small and hoping to attract more theater critics willing to contribute to this new category of reporting. THIS IS A CASTING CALL FOR WRITERS/BLOGGERS WITH A FOCUS ON AND PASSION FOR THEATER. While any submission cannot be compensated monetarily, you can be assured that your writing will reach a large, established, international audience. If you have been laboring in the vineyards of the blogosphere, with disappointing results, consider joining the ranks of the nearly 70 professional contributors to ARTES. Fame and fortune may not await, but the virtual curtain call you’ve been anticipating as that hard-working critic may be possible!

Also, beginning in June, look for more book excerpts from recent publications in the print world.  The editorial team believes that the time-tested printed page is often the best medium available to shed unique light on a broad range of topics for lovers of all things ART!

Thanks for reading ARTESmagazine.com. 63% of our readers log on to us directly each month…a dedicated following, indeed!

Richard Friswell, Publisher & Managing Editor

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